Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Tooth

My dentist has confirmed that the health insurance has accepted that the cause of the problem with my tooth was caused by an accident (if one can assume that being kicked in the face by 3 girls was an 'accident'!!). Anyway, the important point is that the company accepts that this was not of my own doing.

I have an appointment on Monday to discuss 'tactics'. I am a little concerned because when I asked if the tooth could be out by Christmas, the dentist said 'Yes, but you won't have a tooth.' My understanding was that whether it was the crown of my own tooth cut off and glued back, or a plastic tooth glued in place, at no point would there be a gap in my smile. Bear in mind that the whole process is going to take about a year.....


  1. Glad to hear that - thinking of you and hoping all will be well :)

    Doesn't the dentist realise the importance of knowing whether you not you will have a big gap? Even for a short time (in his eyes) it isn't great for self-esteem or going out in public... fingers crossed for you

  2. Hopefully he meant you won't have a permanent tooth, but you certainly should have some sort of temporary tooth, if anything, to keep the other teeth from moving into the space.

  3. OOH - that's hellish ! he's got to sort this out for you. I wouldn't agree to a gap either (or maybe only for 24 hours where I could reasonably hide in the house !). Hope he can clarify it soon.


  4. Glad it's getting fixed up for you, and that it'll be paid for!