Monday, 6 October 2008

Is this the end of life as I know it?

Sanomigran, also known as Pizotifen in the UK and Mosegor in Switzerland, is no longer available here. It is no exaggeration to say that without pizotifen I have no quality of life...


  1. Aww India - I'm so sorry. If I could buy it and send it I would. Hope you're OK,

    The same thing happened to me with a drug that saved me - a life with no migraines (can you imagine such a thing!) and they took it off the bloody market!

    I found some replacements, which kind of help, but the migraines came back and I've never been free since.

    Elaine x

  2. Oh no! Will it be available under another name? Is it just disappearing? No! x K

  3. I'm on a couple of medications not available in Switzerland. I get my doctor in the US to write a prescription for a 12 month supply and bring them with me once per year on one of my trips. Perhaps you could do the same?

    Another option is to take the train to Konstanz. There is a pharmacy a couple of blocks from the train station. We've done that twice now when we ran out of things. Worked just fine...

    Good luck. I personally know how horrendous migraines are. That's one of the drugs I bring back with me.

  4. Do you still have a UK doc who could prescribe it? They can't just leave you with nothing as a substitute surely?
    Thanks for lifeline advice - makes sense completely! I will definitely do this next time! And thanks for comment yesterday re FL. I am hoping he was just tired because he was tired, if you see what I mean.

  5. You know, as ... well, slippery as our pharmacy is, I daresay you could just get some from over here. Call it into the pharmacy, we'll go pick it up, drop it in the post, and you're fine. Or have your son do it. Seriously - they'll give it to you months in advance if you explain it to them. Right?

  6. The problem is that it is prescription-only. I might be able to get a private prescription, but then again....