Tuesday, 21 October 2008

What next in my 'collect a condition' set?

It would appear that my feet were jealous of the attention that my teeth were getting, and decided to join the party. For a number of months now I my feet have been painful in the morning - the first few steps after getting out of bed were, hmm, uncomfortable. The past week or so it has been getting to the crippling stage. Today my osteopath concluded that I have
plantar fasciitis .

What I find a bit frustrating is that it is my 'unsuitable footwear' which has been at least partly to blame. I have always made sure I had 'feet-shaped shoes' to ensure that I didn't end up with 'shoe-shaped feet'. Pity I didn't pay enough attention to arch support, eh? That together with the vast amounts of walking that I have been doing have resulted in the current problem.

If you look at the link, you will see that there are quite a few painful interventions which seem to have little benefit. So I won't be opting for any of those!! I have dug out my pink Crocs to wear around the house, since these are 'approved'. Arch supports and footwear with appropriate arch supports, together with the osteopathic treatment, will hopefully do the trick. That and a bit of rest. Darn, looks like I'll just have to laze around a bit more......


  1. Oh, no! Poor girl. It really IS easy to get into trouble with all the walking, isn't it? I am going to zip over to a Clark's and just go ahead and lay down £65 for a pair of orthopedic shoes. It's ridiculous, but the PAIN -- it makes you take notice rather quickly, doesn't it?

    Does it some days feel like you're being held hostage by your body?!

    hang in there...

  2. Oh no - you aren't having much luck! Shoes are so hard to get right - one minute you are being told that heels are bad, then trainers, then mules... my tactic is to keep my feet "on their toes" by varying my footwear, but this is probably just as bad! This week we are being "healthy" at work and wearing pedometers to count our steps. So far I have the lowest count in the office. I improved my numbers today by going to the vending machine for chocolate - hardly the point!