Thursday, 24 April 2008

'Easy is relative'

Now, I am not completely daft. I knew that when I chose 'Butterick B4549' that it would not be the '3 hour start to finish' that my latest
Barcelona Skirt was.I knew enough to doubt what it said on the tinpacket But, come on! Easy? Yes, if you have many hours of sewing experience under your belt, but not for a relatively newbie like me.

Still, I didn't let it beat me. Some bits I really disliked doing but I got there in the end. Not too much seam ripping, but enough - I decided that when I took up the sewing challenge I would not live with the unliveable. And at least this time I only sewed the wrong bits together once :0)

I plan to make another to go with the latest Barcelona - it's the linen mix featured in my 'Biased' post. I am not going to make too many in this size, since I hope to be down to a 10 in the not too distant future, but I want to benefit from this experience. Let's see if I can make it in two nights instead of three....


  1. Your new top is fab, I love the colour.

  2. Ditto what Yvette said! Gorgeous colour and what a lovely design. I may be tempted to sew by some lovely Japanese Sewing books I've seen on etsy!