Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Quick, dial the firebrigade!

And they say the camera never lies, eh?

OK, so the woman's head isn't really on fire...Maybe these pictures give a fairer representation of what was really going on.

Yesterday was Sechselauten when the poor 'Boog' (snowman to you and me) gets roasted in a celebration of winter and an attempt to predict what the summer will be like.

Prior to this event there was a big parade - looked like it was a selection of local guilds represented by men and woman in 'olde worlde'* clothing. And there were horses. Lots of horses. Wonder who had to clear up afterwards......

* Actually, I think the menwere doing the representing and the women were the eye candy!

Edit: If you want a proper explanation, go visit
Sylv's Silver Spoon


  1. we could have teamed efforts, I just covered that on my Blog and needed a pic to illustrate it :)

    How's your boy and his GF liking it here and has your tooth stopped hurting!

  2. Roasted snowman! Yum!
    I absolutely love the word 'Boog' -- sounds like the root for 'boogie' man. Could you see this from your flat, or were you on the street?

  3. I was in the street - this happened in the centre of Zurich, next to the lake.

  4. Good grief - that looks fairly medieval!
    What an interesting (and slightly wierd) weather prediction!!