Friday, 25 April 2008

Nothing much

I am sitting with the door to my balcony as I type this - the birdsong is beautiful. And of course there is the odd(in more ways than one) chorus of 'cow bell' thrown in for good measure.

It seems that Switzerland is having a
measles epidemic. My mum thinks I was vaccinated but is not 100% certain. No problem - I simply stopped at
The Permanence today and they did a blood titre. I should know by Monday whether or not I need a vaccine.

And - Go Me!! I had a REAL conversation today. In German! Now there were mistakes a plenty, but I conversed for about 15 minutes with a lovely woman in a local tea store*

That kind of helped to cheer me up after I missed meeting up with some local knitters. I knew they were there somewhere......

Better shut that door - it's getting a bit chilly. But then, I am living in Switzerland ;0)

* Y'know, us Brits think we know about tea...forget it. Come to Switzerland and really get to know it!

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