Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More sewing

Really bad photo, but then what do I expect when I take it at 10.00pm?

I finally decide to bite the bullet and buy a size 14 pattern. Yep - size 14. Ever since my last top was dishearteningly too small, I have avoided the issue. I have been losing some weight, but my wardrobe of things which currently fit is alarmingly small. This is a 'simple' cross-over top. I say simple, but let me tell you that fitting the sleeve linings into the capped sleeeves has been a right pain in the ass. So was sewing right up the left side seam, which was supposed to be open from part way up right into the 'armpit'. I have ripped it back but I am not sure how smoothly this sleeve lining will now fit, given that I had graded the seams etc - not much left to work with. Still, I have to fit a zip in there, so I guess I'll manage somehow...

And of course, I am now discovering the problem of having a form which is only vaguely shaped like me. When I can summon up the willpower (possibly when I have lost about a stone) I am going to try tailoring the form to my body shape.


  1. you can complain when u wear like me a size 20 ,what is it with you stick insects :) that you think you are too big, when u are in fact NOT at all!

    The blouse looks great by the way and I think i should dust my sewing machine sew more clothes,mending torn knees on childrens jeans is not so much fun....

  2. Oh my days - sleeve lining? Zip? Both of these in one little top? I think you've earned your couture badge! Very pretty!