Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Guess what?

I can now add photos to the blog! I had expected that the first one would be of Zürich, but beggars can't be choosers - and as this was a thoroughly enjoyable light read, I thought it could also serve as a recommendation if you are wondering what to read next.

The dental saga continues - there is another temporary dressing in *that* tooth while the whole thing can just go to Hell as far as I am concerned settles down. Just to cheer me up, I am booked in for another filling next week. I hope it is just a filling - watching a grown woman cry must be a disheartening experience for a dentist...

But on a much better note, my dear boy and his girlfriend arrive tomorrow and I can't wait. Even though I just said goodbye yesterday ;0)

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  1. Dentists have quite a high suicide rate. Being bitten, hated, feared, and having people cry ... doesn't do such good things for them, apparently.