Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I am about to ask what I feel is a dumb question, but I am going to ask it anyway :0)
Do people who like strong coffee - such as espresso - like it because they have added sugar? See, I think I don't like strong coffee, but I don't add sugar. Is this where I am going wrong?


  1. When I moved to Switzerland, I didn't drink coffee at all. Then we got our Nespresso machine and I started to drink cappuccinos with two sugars. Soon I started to find that a cappuccino with a piece of cake or Erdbeer Tortli was too sweet so I stopped taking sugar in it. Now I don't take sugar in coffee at all. I think it's all about finding your level.

    Or, you might just not like coffee which is acceptable. Just.


  2. I like coffee, but not as most people know it ;0) VERY milky. I was pondering the possibility of finding some coffee that I liked that did not have to be drowned in sugar. I am thinking about a Nespresso myself, but in the meantime I guess it'll be on with the vaguely coffee-coloured milk

  3. Nespresso is a good idea because you can buy capsules of all different strengths and flavours. Maybe we should have a coffee-tasting at mine sometime....

  4. I used to drink coffe with milk and loads of sugar; a trip to Italy put me right off the latter, and then a trip to France with funny-tasty clovery milk stopped me taking that!
    Then, I used to like coffee very, very strong, but as I have aged (like a good wine....) I find I like it weaker and weaker. Mostly blak, but with the occasional latte.
    This won't help at all - put it down to my brains still being shaken up!

  5. Ha Stella,knowing your holding a torch for a certain guy who happens to advertise the nespresso, you certainly don't need sugar at all just to think of him is sweet enuff,dontcha fink so an' all?

    and i take my coffee without sugar too always have always will, am sweet enough as I am :)

  6. It's counterintuitive, but here it is:

    When you say "strong," do you mean "acidic and bitter" or do you mean "strong?" If you've got the former, you need to add more grounds, not fewer. If you've got "strong," then it's just a matter of finding the right level and weaning yourself off of the sugar / cream.

    I find that I'll take it black if it's good coffee, but that inferior stuff needs cream & sugar. Also, if I've added any spices, I'll add cream & sugar.

  7. I like my coffee dark and black, no sugar. But it was definitely an acquired taste. Mostly acquired while living in Italy, where the espresso is insanely delicious.

  8. ah - this is the problem. I think that probably what I have had has been 'weak and bitter'...