Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Having a smashing time

What is it with me, breadmaking and glassware? Every time I make bread, I seem to lose yet another piece of glassware.I suppose this time wasn't as bad the last time, when I had to ditch a whole batch of dough because I couldn't be certain whether or not it was safe. This time I only had to spend half an hour on my hands and knees, searching for miniscule shards in the dishwasher. Hopefully I got it all...think I'll get Number Guy to check, too. Kind of makes me nervous, shreds of glass and delicate tummies...

Still had a nice day, though.German class this morning, followed by a walk with two other Spooglers in the afternoon. Ambling gently along under the bright blue cloudless skies, taking in the sights,stopping for coffee, pondering over which cake to was a tough day ;0)

1 comment:

  1. I do love that term - Spoogler!
    Sent you an email today , hope you get it okay.