Friday, 15 February 2008

Just in time

I checked the piano out the other day and it has three broken keys :0( The good thing is that the company I contacted to give a quote for the insurance policy can come on Monday at 10.00am. And because this is Switzerland I know that he will turn up at that time :0)

Of course, once the quote has been given I need to wait for the go ahead from the insurance company. So I guess my neighbours have been given a bit of a respite ;0)


  1. How broken is "broken?" This could get expensive for them, and could have them moving the piano out of the house to be repaired....

  2. 3 of the keys - one won't depress, the others stay depressed. At least I'm not depressed :0)

  3. So ... sounds like something inside, then? Hard to say unless you get a piano person out to take a look. If it's inside, it could just be that a hammer has fallen out of place, which would be your best bet, really. Otherwise, it's not a small thing.

    Glad you're not depressed. :)