Saturday, 2 February 2008

Ditch the Dairylea

There are some great markets in Zürich. So it stands to reason that the one day in the week that I deliberatly left my trolley at home was market day.

Never mind, I still managed to get my hands on some great olives and a huge wodge of
Taleggio cheese. Much cheaper price than at 'home' but no less delicious, of course. Today I find myself in the happy place of having some of my own French bread and loads of cheese left to spread on it. Never a big fan of 'cheese' spreads, I'll never be looking another tube in the face again

1 comment:

  1. LOL:) I have never tasted cheesespread:) what other kind ocheeses do you like, I am of the kind the stinkier - the better:) I lurve Epoisses,Munster,St.Agur and the like,amonst swiss cheeses of course:)