Wednesday, 6 February 2008

(Probably) the most expensive vanilla extract in the world

60ml for CHF 20.45 = £9.50.

Granted it is organic, but - wow! I have looked in a lot of places for vanilla extract but 'all' I could find was vanilla pods/vanilla sugar. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised at the price. I bought it in
Jelmoli where a can of Heinz's finest costs about £2.00.

I didn't merely go to Jelmoli today, though. The market at Hauptbanhoff wwas also on the agenda. I bought a waffle for lunch, which was not nearly as nice as my own, to my disapointment. I also snaffled up some bread, cheese, fresh lemon ravioli, olives and....something else which I can't remember right now. My plan is to try a different bread and cheese each week. It may take some time :0)


  1. whoops , you should sms me the next time, Jelmoli and Globus for that matter are super expensive :-( no womnder you paid an arm and leg for it. For good bio (swiss ger :-) ) or as you would say organic products look up in the swiss phone directory REFORMHAUS ,they are often instore of a pharmacy or joined with a DROGERIE

    Furthermore, claro weltladen also stocks on organic stuff from clothes to nick-nacks to food

    that's it for now:) i gotta go and attend the AGM of the English Club:( I'd rather chit chat online;-)

  2. I'm surprised you even found some! I keep bringing mine back from the UK/ireland when I go. but am tempted to try this instead this year.
    happy baking with it!

  3. Get a wee bottle of vodka, a couple of vanilla pods, and make your own!

    We're having a friend of ours bring us 4oz of vanilla beans from the US, and we'll buy the vodka in the airport at the duty free, and we'll be set for years!

  4. You can get it in coop/migros too (and probably much cheaper!)

    It comes in small glass vials...