Thursday, 28 February 2008

Ich möchte Deutsche lernen

And I will be learning Deutsch at a far faster rate from Monday. 3 hours of class, 2 hours of homework, 5 times a week. Each stage of this intensive course lasts 10 weeks, so I will be cutting it short and then slotting in with another class to begin week 5 later on (hopefully not too long!). Prior commitments are such that I cannot complete the full 10 weeks in one go.

I am looking forward to it but am also a little daunted - so much German in one day is going to be exhausting!


  1. Gut,dann werde ich von heute an nur noch deutsche Kommentare in deine Blogs schreiben, da kannst du dann gerade üben was du Neues in der Schule gelernt hast:)

  2. ach, ich habe mein deutch vegessen an very long time ago..i gues i oughta gtinto it again...what is the point of learining three years at school just to forget about it??

  3. Und ich werde auch nur Deutsch in Deinem Blog kommentieren und vielleicht macht es Dir Spaß bei mir in meinem Blog *Fleur de la Laine* zu lesen!

    Liebe Grüße, Maartje