Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Work canteen?

At Google? I think not....I have seen restaurants that can't match the quality and variety the poor old Number Guy has to eat each day. SinceI would not ask him to have only a snack at lunchtime and have his main meal with me in the evening because that would be unfair, I am basically back to cooking for one. But it does leave me in a bit of a dilema about evening meals. I am not going to compete with Google chefs since in that way madness lies, but I want to be able to serve up something simple and tasty.

At this point in time that means soup. Today's offering is cauliflower and almond, from the New Covent Garden Soup Company recipe book.

This could go either way - heavenly or hellish. If it's the latter, let's hope that Number Guy has the sense to tell a little porky pie ;0)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, if only I could stomach working in that industry again. Sigh.