Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Are you bored yet?

With all the 'tooth talk'? Had to go back and see my dentist yesterday. He is as convinced as he can be that I am having problems with tooth grinding. I think this is true. All of the evidence, which he has shown me, points to no further problems with the tooth itself. However, I think that there is also a problem with the root in this tooth.

He asked if I was getting 'lightening flash' type pains with hot/cold substanced and the answer is noyes. When I deliberately swirl coffee around the offending tooth, nothing. But this morning, lingering over a coffee before my Deutsch lesson - KERPOW! -Blitzkreig followed by ache all day....

So, anyone want to give me some odds on how soon I'll be back in that demon chair???

1 comment:

  1. We're for the dentist, too - first time in a year - and I suspect cavities. We'll see, but the trip home could see me sitting around with a sore mouth!