Sunday, 11 May 2008

Ich habe ein Zahnschmerzen.

Ich habe IMMER ein Zahnschmerzen.

Honestly, it's as well we have an Elektroherd. Because if we had a gas oven, i think my head would be in it.....


  1. OK, I can see there's this great, big, extra word (IMMER). And I can see that you're disturbed by it (the reference to the gas oven having helped me figure out that an Elektroherd is an oven, rather than a robotic sheep-dog) ... but I still don't understand.

    Are you going native?

  2. I couldn't figure out how to say 'I have toothache again', so this is my version of 'I always have toothache.'
    It's getting beyond a joke. It may be residual pain after the tooth was worked on, or it may mean it needs root treatment.Guess you understand why it's getting me down....

  3. Ahh - I see. Makes sense now.

    Sorry for the tooth! And, yes, I understand - there's nothing like tooth pain to make life miserable!