Friday, 23 May 2008

Gender roles

No matter how much of a rampant feminist you might be, there's no getting away from it. Gender matters. At least when you are using German.

I am slowly getting to grips with the dativ and akkusativ. But not knowing the gender of the nouns is taking its toll. As you can see below, before I could even begin to do the exercise, I had to check the gender of each and every noun.
What should be a 5 minute sprint turns into a marathon.

Still, I shold look on the bright side - it's slowing down the cake consumption ;0)


  1. Isn't there a rule or something? When I was doing a course in Spanish there were definite rules regarding the placement of accents, and also regarding the gender of words - they even went so far as to name the different positions of accent within words! I'm sure there's something in German, right?

  2. Well, there are some rules - such as words ending 'heit' are 100% feminin. BUt truth to tell there are so many different endings, and not all of them are 100% X. I guess (hope!) that the more German I learn, the more I will be absorbing some of it automatically...

  3. This is my excuse about not really learning german. It takes too long. I was pregnant when I went to German classes and my feebile mind just couldn´t remember which was der, die , das, let alone when you change it by nomative, dative, accusative, etc. Hence, I failed. Someday, I guess. Good luck.