Thursday, 29 May 2008

dropping like a stone

Y'know, I couldn't make this up if I tried.Another tooth is hurting.

The first twinge happened literally as I walked in the door last night after The Root Canal. I tried to dismiss it from my mind. It has been making its presence felt all day.

To add to my woes, it is one of my front teeth - so if anything happens to this baby it isn't going to add any charm to my smile. I am desperately hoping that it is *only* as a result of flossing. When we arrived in Zurich in January I had similar pain, eventually put down to a little gum infection where I had cut it. However (what a monumentous word that is) this tooth has also been bashed on a couple of occasions, so I am concerned.

I am still taking the course of antibiotics prescribed last week. I am still taking the anti-inflammitories (better watch the ol' stomach, of course. I will see what it is like over the weekend. If it isn't better, I am going to pay M yet another visit. If treatment is needed,I'm going to get it done asap since I can't, can't, go on like this.

So my mood is in my boots and quite frankly the Deutsch test tomorrow, which I know will not go well, can go and stuff itself. If I can get out of bed that'll be a step in the right direction.

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  1. oh my, if this keeps up you will have to win the lottery jackpot asap:) these gnashers are costing a fortune,money..that would be better spent on a trip to come and see me :)