Monday, 5 May 2008

Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen

Ok, I realise that this is probably-not-the-best-German-in-the world ;0) But our doorbell is very quiet and I really needed the man from Migros to actually deliver the shopping this time, not simply ring once then disappear if we didn't hear him. It worked. And the the day after, all I had to do was score out 'Migros' and substitute 'Ikea' and the bookcases appeared.

While we were waiting for our delivery, some of the neighbours came to introduce themselves.

Aren't they pretty? Their presence explains the rather tuneless 'windchimes' that I have been hearing lately.

And as usual I've been in and out of the Hauptbanhof - you never know the minute what you'll see. This week it was the turn of
Toblerone, currently in its centenary year. The celebrations are something to see. Don't ask me what's going on - I only live here....

What's in store for tomorrow? Why, another visit to the dentist, what else?


  1. I can't find any major fault with that german note:) Well done ! It so beautiful outside adnI have to work in the office:( But sneaked out yesterday to do a spot of gardening, did them a lot of good, now soil is ready to receive the seedlings and flowers. can't wait to plant them !

  2. Yay! Pictures! Glad that you're getting along!

  3. Good luck with the dentist!

    Oh, you were there to witness the locals chomping on sticks after sticks of Toblerone too?!?

    Railcity is a labyrinth! I ventured on my own on Monday -- rounds after rounds, I couldn't get my bearings at all!

  4. I haven't signed up for Deutsch courses yet -- I really don't know where I should be signing up with...
    But I'm guessing, your note reads: "M---s, we are here. Please ring 2,3,4 more times. Thanks a lot" ? OK, your blog helped :)

  5. Yea! 100 years of Toblerone. What a great excuse to each chocolate...all year long!