Monday, 9 June 2008

Ok, so you can guess what this post is about.. you should probably come back in 10 years or so.

I have an appointment with M on Thursday to discuss my ongoing dental 'issues'....what d'you think? Should I just get him to yank 'em all out? As I sit at the computer the front tooth is playing merry hell and one of my other doublers has decided to join in. Yep, that last can of squirrelled-away Ambrosia* was not Heaven sent - it blasted in on a lightening bolt that has left my nerves all a-jangle. Right now I am ready to talk to the Jehova's Witnesses, The Salvation Army, Streetchurch, born-again Hell's Angels, Wiccans - in fact, I'll talk to any and every religious denomination going if they can put in a word with Someone Upstairs (or Downstairs, not fussy right now). I'm not sure if I am quite ready to sell my soul just now, but Igive it a few more days....

On the plus side, I may be putting in a few hours of teaching. Yep, who'd've thought it! I visited a lovely nursery today and they are looking for someone to fill in for absences. It would probably be about 10 hours a month. It is perfect for me - I would go in, work with the children, then leave. Ok, that's obvious ;0) What I mean is that I would only have responsibility while I was there. No planning etc. It would be fitted around my German classes, people visiting etc. I am not looking for it to change into a permanent post, nor are they looking for someone. I have missed working with small people more than I thought I would so this would be ideal. Obviously I will not be posting anything else about this nursery, but just thought I'd let you know that I'll actually be earning some of my cake money.

I'm off now - here's a picture of the Botanic Gardens here in Zürich,just to be going on with.

*aka canned rice pudding for those not in the know. Some folk would say it's the devil's food. Hmm, maybe that was why the tooth was protesting...


  1. You may not be ready to sell your soul, but you are willing to listen to offers, eh?

    Hope it is better soon...

  2. Yikes! Given how expensive Swiss dental care is rumored to be, I would hope it would at least be better at the pain resolution! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh no! Hope it is better soon!

  4. Yep, my wee tooth yelps with sweet things and wine - several sensitive toothpastes later it is improving, although at certain times of the month it gets worse - weird!
    Hope it gets better soon , will speak to him upstairs - any port in a storm eh!

  5. Honey is what gets mine, although I've been using a fluoride toothpaste prescribed by the dentist, and also the Sonicare toothbrush so I don't brush away my gums, and it seems to be getting better.

    Hope yours does too!