Sunday, 8 June 2008

Turning to the dark side..

Crochet. Yep. Dark indeed....

I've been resisting for some time, but when I saw it pop up on
Roobeedoo's blog I finally gave in.

Find out more about the pattern, and see some versions in different yarns


  1. Pretty colour! What size of hook are you using with what thickness of yarn? There seem to be so many variations on Ravelry - yours is great!

  2. I used the only hook I could find at the time :0)
    It was a 4.5mm with double knitting weight cotton. I like it ...but...I actually think the gauge is too loose. When I wear it the motifs (I SO want to write motives...)are a bit floppy.
    I found some sage green 4-ply cotton and am going to buy some smaller hooks and see how it looks on a smaller scale(having found the rest I seem to have the world supply of 4mm and nothing smaller).
    I am thinking of doing several strands and joining them in the middle with a slip stitch

  3. Oh my. I think the scarf is really pretty!
    And what a great choice of colour... Reminds me of strawberry ice cream...

  4. Ooooh! Truly gone over to the dark side ... but does it make you feel more powerful? ;)