Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The story so far....

The second root canal treatment was finished today with no trauma. Hopefully that will work.

I am now having problems with the two upper teeth that were worked on a couple of months ago - M had found a secondary cavity under one of them. Everything seemed fine. Now I am having problems with sensitivity when I eat something sweet. It is severe and it feels like it is on the surface of the tooth. If it was near the root where there is some gum recession then sensitivity could be expected. This means that there is probably a crack in the tooth. I guess that means another root treatment... Same old, eh?

We spoke about the front tooth (the third root treatment). There is more of a chance that this will fail because of the hole in the tooth going through to the gum. If it fails an implant would be the best option. However....yep, there had to be a 'however'..

....here is the problem as I understand it. There are two types of bone material - standard bone behind, and some other kind in front. When a tooth is removed, the bone material behind isn't affected but some of the material at the front is removed. Because of the shape of my teeth there is an increased chance that 'too much' will be removed. In addition to this I don't have very much gum material. This means that it would be much harder to do a successful implant.

It just keeps getting worse, but I am trying to be optimistic. Well, no, I am trying not to get depressed about it all. M and I were talking about why I am having all of these problems. Maybe there is something 'special' about my root pulp - when something happens to tooth the pulp material is perhaps too sensitive. At the end of the day there doesn't seem to be any concrete explanation.


  1. Nooooooo..... Don't you hate dental sagas that never seem to end. I hate it when doing one thing to your mouth seems to result in somethings else happening, again and again. I hope you're at least pain-free.

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