Sunday, 15 June 2008

Turning Japanese

Anyone remember that song? Was it The Vapours?

Long story short, I really like some of the Japanese skirts/dresses that I have been seeing on the internet over the last year or so. Thanks to
Poshyarns for finding

this link to Amazon Japan. Of course, once I had placed the order I realised that there was a book that Roobeedoo uses for skirts that I wanted to order. Oh well, next time. I need to track that one down as well - I am sure I have a link for it somewhere, the question is just where.

I hope that this book will provide the spur I need to get the rest of my craft room organised. It is a complete tip. If this room is a mess, my mind will simply refuse to take on the challenge of a bit of tricky sewing/planning. Don't ask me why, but there it is.

On that note, off to sit on my backside and NOT tidy ;0)

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