Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Das Quiz

I really don't like quizzes, so I am not sure if it is better/worse watching them in German. Still, I promised myself that I would listen to half an hour of Deutsch every day.....and to my surprise, I am understanding a bit more than I expected :0)

One of the good (?) things about Das Quiz is that the questions and answers appear in German on the screen, so this is helping a little with my reading.

And guess what - I even managed to get some of the questions right!

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  1. Le Quiz....

    Baby, I'm with you...except in French. I started with Kid's shows which got very boring, very fast.

    Then I moved to cooking shows and yes, quiz shows. I found the French version of the $25,000 Pyramid. (I don't know if you got that there, but kind of like Taboo. You have to describe a word to someone with one word descriptions.).

    It's GREAT for learning vocabulary!

    Stick with it baby!