Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Toothache - what a nerve!

Indeed - since the tooth in question has a nerve no more....still, it feels as if it does and the right side of my lower jaw is making life unpleasant. BUT (and that was a big but....) I am only in pain, not terrified. And that makes all the difference, as I am sure many of you know. There's no infection so it is just a case of hoping that in the next few weeks the pain will abate. All in all my face has had quite a bashing, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

To help keep my spirits up, we've been taking an evening constitutional. We have some beautiful wildflower meadows nearby, but sadly the camera on my phone fails to do them justice.

There has also been a little finishing going on:

This is a Drops design, which for the life of me I can't remember but it will be in my Ravelry account. I like it. Due to my, ahem, somewhat fuller figure, I only have the one button at the neck, but I think it works. This is the second re-worked garment that I have finished recently - the first being the Cocoa 'Jolien' that I blogged about previously. I think the next one up will be the Debbie Bliss Collared Cardigan - it's finished but I'm not feelin' the love.

And now that I have finished wittering on, I should get on with the German. But don't forget - get yourselves over to
Baldy's Blog and sign his petition/get on the bone marrow register.


  1. Somewhat fuller figure?!?! Oh for heaven's sake! You have a lovely figure :P And I love the cardi too :) The toothache sounds awful - I'm very nervy about my teeth.

  2. ha ha - what I meant was 'It's somewhat fuller than when I started knitting the cardi' :0)

  3. Cardi is looking lovely! And well done you on the old German language front - its one of my ambitions to learn (I have german nieces whose English is fab!)

  4. I'm glad you clarified that because I was starting to worry about your sense of proportion! Lovely cardi - looks really snuggley!