Monday, 21 January 2008


I am sitting in the living room looking across the frosty valley. The man from Cable Com arrived at 7.55 and after 5 minutes we are all set up and ready to go. This means that I have a landline also, but there is just one problem- if someone leaves me a message on the answering service I won't know how to to access it.

As you can imagine, the house is full of boxes. But there seems to be something weird going on - no matter how many boxes we unload, they number doesn't seem to diminish. Yesterday I concentrated on books and china, today I have a mission- find the can opener. So many cans, no way to get to the contents...

On the social front, I have already met up with some of the Spooglers (you know, Google Spouses!). We have arranged a standing meeting for coffee at 11.00am every Thursday. This week we'll all meet in Starbucks, because we know where it is!! Next week, it'll be somewhere else.

Off to rummage about in boxes....


  1. Oh oh! I know the answer to that one! To retrieve your messages, call 3!

  2. And are you going to take your knitting to Starbucks too?

    Glad to hear you have "landed" safely, and you just reminded me I need to get a new can opener!

  3. Glad to hear you're sorted :)

    Did any of the spooglers knit? Hope you have fun with them

    Elaine x

  4. Ms. Mac beat me to it!

    You can also check your voice mail online. Cable Com will send you a letter shortly explaining how to do this. Depending upon who set up your account, it may even be in English!