Friday, 4 January 2008

I've got a playdate- yay!!!

Ok, I'll try to be more grown up about it.

I've been wobbly today, quite unexpectedly, I dare say it's because of all that stress I was burbling about in the last post. But hey, I have coffee lined up already. One of the Spooglers answered my plea - you know the kind of thing - 'Help! I've left all my friends behind and I'm panicking!!!'

So a week on Thursday (OMG - A WEEK ON THURSDAY!) I'm going to meet a fellow Spoogler at Manor. Which also has a yarn dept! And no, it wasn't me who suggested it ;0)


  1. Ehm, spoogler? What does it mean in this context, cause I didn't know what it was, so googled it, and I got this:

    ...which I'm assuming is *not* what you meant!

  2. Erm, noo. You are quite right, that is NOT what I mean ;0)

    SPouse of a gOOGLER (someone who works for Google).