Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Packing day II (or- eating my words)

Bloomin' 'eck. Next time a packing surveyor says '4 days' I promise to believe her.

The 3 packers have worked solidly for 2 days and they haven't even begun the upper floor. Another team is being drafted in tomorrow to help. I, meanwhile, am having a bit of a panic - where the heck are all these boxes going to go????

This is just about the most stressed that I have been. Trying to keep it all in perspective but I am definitely having a blue funk.

And on that cheery note, I'll say cheerio for now. Next post will be from Zürich


  1. Don't worry - it took the two of us a full two weeks, working about 6 hours a day, to pack up our house - and we only had 250 cubic feet to work with, so we were doing a lot of purging along the way. But still - it's a lot of work to pack it well!

    It will all be gone through, and will do you a world of good on the other end to happen across little treasures you hadn't seen in ages.

    Also, make friends with Freecycle Zurich, so that you can give some of the stuff away that you end up not wanting. It's always so rewarding to give things away via freecycle - totally a joy, really, to see someone take something away that they're actually going to use and maybe even love!

  2. I hope that the rest of the packing went well - for a while I was moving house every 6 months and I found the packing and the discarding that it usually led to somewhat cathartic! Hope the move went well - looking forward to hearing about Zurich and the snow in the mountains and the yarn stores you find and visiting new places in Switzerland - I can highly recommend Stein Am Rhein - beautiful little village full of highly decorated buildings.....