Saturday, 26 January 2008


Yep, that's me. Not only did I return to the DIY store on my own (it's off my normal beaten track so there was lots of scope for getting lost), I also hunted down matches for candles (a long, boring story in itself). As if this wasn't enough derring do done, I had one final challenge : asking, in German, to have my sandwich toasted*. But you know, every intrepid traveller needs someone to keep them on the right path. Someone else might not have taken pity on the dumb foreigner and gone right ahead and toasted what turned out to be a salad roll....

Guess you can work out where I was ;0)

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  1. If you're managing to evoke sympathy in strangers then you're well on your way to settling in. It says that they recognize something in you which is trying to get along, so they'll help. I'm surprised that you've found it in Switzerland, but happy for you. We certainly didn't find it amongst the Germans, but did amongst the Dutch and now amongst the Scots.