Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Now, there's an umlaut missing on the title word, but this is how the local Swiss greet each other - friends, passing strangers, shop assistants. And if you can really believe it, even a teenage boy graced me with this salutation this morning :0)

Today has been a series of mini-victories. I went into the local apotheke (that's a pharmacy to you and me) and managed to get generic paracetamol, as opposed to even-pricier branded variety. All with my pidgin German and no English. I also managed to buy 1 stamp for the UK and 5 for Zürich. Again, all with no English - and what it makes this all the more remarkable from my point was that I what I wanted was actually what I asked for, if you see what I mean.

I also managed to get my hot little hands of some fresh yeast. It comes in little
42g cubes (very precise) which sit demurely in one of the fridges. I think breadmaking will come in useful if I happen to have a particularly stressful day....

Off to ...unpack some more boxes - what else? In the meantime here are some cows - if you look really carefully you just might see the bells. Yep, cows with bells on - I look on the bells as an early warning system. Particularly usefule if like me you've been chased more than once.



  1. he he he its Grüezi actually and it is Zurich dialect and stands for the high german 'Grüss Sie' whilst we in Bern say Grüessech ' from the high german 'Grüsst Euch' which is second person plural and in ZH its first person plural:) got it :):):)

    Package will go out today, finally! Sorry for the delay!

  2. I stop saying Grüezi and you start - the universe is in balance. :)

    Congrats on your small victories! I know exactly how you feel.

  3. And are you "auf wiederluege"-ing all over the place too? Not sure if I have spelled it properly, it's been a while....