Saturday, 12 January 2008

How's your week been?

Here's what was happening chez moi

Monday: 3 packers

Tuesday: 3 packers

Wednesday: 7 packers

Thursday: 6 packers

Thursday 3.30pm - One BIG truck plus drag leaves Glasgow with our possesions onboard.

Friday - frantic morning completing last minute legalities, attending Number Guy's leaving 'do', meeting up with Lilith, failing to meet up with Elaine due to said legalities, getting to Edinburgh, booking into hotel, having really crappy meal overpriced meal, collapsing into bed, failing to sleep well.

Saturday - really crappy overpriced breakfast, shopping for last-minute things in Princes street, failing to meet one friend, managing to meet another, back to hotel, reasonable tea (sandwiches form M&S!), repacking of suitcases, development of cold virus and UTI (just to make the journey more pleasant...)

Tomorrow's plan - not bothering with crappy overpriced breakfast, getting hotel shuttle service across to airport, meet up with mum & dad, check in, have coffee with parents, say good bye (trying to show British resolve and keep Stiff Upper Lip stiff(!))go through security, get on plane - let out deep breath and try to enjoy flight...


  1. Bonne Voyage, as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses would say , this is not goodbye this is aurevoir!
    Hope you're feeling better soon , have fun in Zurich , looking forward to hearing all about it on the blog!

  2. Wow! You may be en-route as I type this...all the best to you! Hope the worst is over and many good things happen soon!