Monday, 14 January 2008

This isn't just ANY banking...

...this is SWISS banking.

You know the kind of thing - the manager comes to speak to you personally, refreshments are offered, chocolates proffered, business attended to immediately...What, you don't get that kind of treatment at your local bank? Move to Switzerland, it's the only way to solve the problem.

As you can see, today was spent attending to business. Opening a bank account has been a priority. While the Swiss may be a cash-based society, that is one habit that we are not picking up. So we spent a very pleasant couple of hours (the chocolate was really nice) sorting things out. While they may not call it the same thing, direct debits (LSVs) are still utilised by those that want them.

We had a very nice lunch at the local trattoria for CHF 20 each - soup, pizza, dessert and bottled water for the equivalent of about £7.50. The lunchbreak was a necessity. Not only were we very hungry but everything shuts for lunch between 12.30 and 2.00pm.

It seems we were feeling too chuffed and relaxed, so Fate decided to put a spanner in the works . Or, rather, Cable Com decided to. Let's just say I am NOT blogging from home. I'd like to draw a veil over the whole experience but I think there is more pain and anguish to come.

Tomorrow will be another Marathon - suitcases to house, shopping trip to Ikea :0( and me trying to arrange some dental treatment (what is it with me? I hate going to the dentist but never seem to be able to stay away).

Well, that's all for now folks - up bright and early tomorrow.



  1. Our first trip to a Swiss bank was not as pleasant. It mostly involved us arguing with the bank clerk that indeed we DID want a joint bank account and no, we would not just go with the norm of the account in the husband's name with the wife given permission to access it!

    I think the bank clerk punished me for it. Even after a year, subsequent (much more pleasant) bank clerks have been unable to figure out why all of GLH's letters are sent in English, but mine are in German. Plus, I am limited in how much cash I can withdraw per day while GLH is not.

    Sigh. We should probably change banks, but it just so much effort...

  2. Hello Mrs. Swiss Lady! Just seen your message about don't text internationally d'oh! Will email from now on. x K

  3. Been following your adventure! Sorry it's not been all smooth going. Kathleen forwarded your email to me, so I'm sending a big hello with warm wishes back to you!

  4. Hope your Ikea trip went well and everything else starts to go smoothly, take care.

  5. i am guessing you have moved by now ?good luck in getting settled in:)

  6. It sounds like the Carlsberg Lager advert - if Carlsberg did banking , it'd be like this! lol
    Hope you are settling in , and no nasty little virus's spoiling things.

  7. I loved Swiss Banking when I first got here. It was just so different to Aussie banking which offered no customer service, bad attitude behind the counter and queues longer than your lunch hour.

    Are you going to Ikea Dietlikon? I love that Ikea! What am I saying? I love all Ikeas!

    I hope your move has all gone smoothly and you continue to love Zurich for many years to come!

  8. I'm glad that you're settling in!