Friday, 4 January 2008

Not long now...

I am definitely starting to feel the stress of the move. It's now there, bubbling away under the surface all the time,causing an exacerbation of the palpitations/stomach/migraine probs. (I have been fairly asymptomatic recently and am confident that symptoms will reduce again once we have set foot on Swiss soil).

Today I am packing the suitcases. I'm being nice and packing Number Guy's as well;0)
I am trying to add an 'emergency survival kit' consisting of needles, sock and lacewieght yarn. And some novels. And, and, and....I really want to pack my complete crafting room in my case 'just in case'.

We still have a heap of 'last minute preparations' to make. These are being hindered by lack of car - we are having ours MOT'd today. It makes more sense to stay at home and get on with 'stuff' here, but it is hard to ignore the clamouring of all the other tasks.

We managed to sort out a payment problem. We have had various bills to pay. As I may have mentioned, the Swiss do not use cheques. It is not possible to pay over the 'phone with our credit cards. Post Office giros were issued - but of course these can only be paid in Switzerland...thank goodness we have a relocation agent to help out with this kind of thing.


  1. We found that we didn't knit hardly anything at all during that first week of our moving here, but we were in chaos of trying to find a flat. You, on the other hand, will doubtless have other things to take care of - and you can always, if it comes down to it, buy some more yarn (you know that you want to). I'd say to pack more clothes than you think you'll need, unless you really trust that your shipping agent will get your things to you on time, and unless you really label your boxes so that you can find things. It took us a few days to get into the boxes well enough to be able to find extra clothes. So - clothes: can't have too many. Yarn - can buy some.

    You're going to be fine. Focus on the long-term: you're going to the land of Chocolate and Cheese. What could be wrong? :)

  2. When we first moved to Zurich there was a major snafu in our account. The several thousand dollars we had transferred from our US account into our Swiss account "got lost" in the ether world of computer transfers. As a result, we were unable to pay our bills (including rent) for nearly a month.

    Fortunately, our landlady was very understanding.

    And we had to get the US Federal Reserve involved to force the US bank to trace the wire transfer.

    As generally happens, everything worked out in the end...