Sunday, 13 January 2008


The title is a reflection of my mind at the moment - mostly blank with the occasional exclamation as somethings begin to sink in.

We met up with my parents at Edinburgh Airport today. It was much harder saying goodbye than I had anticipated. I had expected to be in a state of high expectation but my sombre mood began just over a week ago and continued on into our arrival in Zürich.

The flight left bang on 1.00pm with very few people on board. The journey was very uneventful and I managed not to have 'crash and burn' thoughts in my head whenI saw the pilot coming down the aisle to use the toilet (Look, just because I knew there was a co-pilot meant very little to me as I hurtled through space at the speed of light....). We touched down at 4.00pm local time, half an hour ahead of schedule.

Of course, this completely smooth journey seemed just too good to be true....

We went to the luggage carousel and all of our luggage was....there.

We went to customs to declare all of our worldly goods and it took...ten minutes.

We went to the taxi queue and...there were plenty

Checking into our hotel was...a breeze.

Less than an hour after landing...we were in our room.

So - it might seem to be too good, but that was how it all went.

Tomorrow we need to sort out more paperwork and arrange some bedding etc to use before our 'life' arrives on the back of a van. I will have some email contact for the next few days and I hope that we will have done all we need to get connected it at home. If folk want to contact me, email is best- it costs a fortune for folk to send/receive texts internationally as there is a charge for sending AND receiving them

I am just beginning to feel the tiniest spark of exccitement. I'm sure by tomorrow it will have turned into a raging inferno, but right now I am going to hit the hay.


  1. Good luck for tomorrow, glad it is going smoothly so far, thinking of you.

  2. Yay! You made it! Enjoy the rest! Any pictures yet?

  3. WELCOME!!
    Glad to hear that we didn't fail anything upon your arrival :) and I hope and wish for a smooth integration process for you and number guy!

    You know where I am if you need me!!!!

    How long for will you stay in the hotel ?