Monday, 10 August 2009

Book Clubs

Everyone who is anyone seems to be in a book club. Don't let anyone tell you that we ex-pats don't have our fingers on the pulse.

Book clubs can be rather clique-y,and I have to admit that a couple of friends and I were knocked back from a club we tried to join. No particular reason, just that our faces didn't fit. Ho hum. We formed our own friendly club.

Right now we are reading Towing Jehovah by James Morrow . Basically, God id dead and his corpse needs towing to the Arctic circle to prevent it rotting. I was really enjoying it, but two things are getting in the way. Firstly, there is just too much yucky 'bodily' detail. I am sure there is a point to this, but frankly it turns my stomach. Secondly, and somewhat importantly, I managed to leave it on the bus. This is turning into a common occurrence with me, leaving things on buses and trams...* Here's hoping that the replacement copy gets here in time - we're discussing it on Friday. I'm going to take along chocolate cup cakes with vanilla frosting, so I'm gonna make sure I eat mine well before we get to the gunky bits of the discussion ;0)

On the migraine front, I am very, very pleased. In the last 5 days I have had only one dose of painkillers And as far as we can tell, I have not been sleepwalking, although I am still having some bizarre dreams (OK, more bizarre than normal). So it looks as if this beta blocker might be a winner.

And for no particular reason, here is another pic from Harlow Carr

*Now you know why NUmber Guy has said we can use his mah jong set but I am not allowed to take it out of the house!


  1. That book sounds... um, interesting. At least it wasn't a library book. I live in fear of doing that. I leave purses everywhere, which is why I don't usually bother, and shove everything in pockets!

  2. And, now, the plus side: you don't have to read it any more! Yay! :)