Monday, 24 August 2009

Pickled beans

No matter how hard I try, I don't seem to get the jars packed firmly enough, although in this picture you can't see the space at the bottom of the jars because of the towel that they are sitting on.

As I write this there is the comforting sound of 'popping' going on in the background, letting me know that the seal is working :0)

Tonight I am going to make some banana chutney. However, as I can now see from the (obvious) quantity stated, the recipe makes six and a half pints. I'll be halving that, as I can't see me working my way through that much chutney, now matter how much I like it.

ETA: Turns out that 2 or the jars didn't seal. I put them back and boiled them for another 5 minutes and as soon as they came out the water bath they popped.


  1. We're always shocked by how much we eat of what we put up. We made fruit mince, simply so that we had pie filling just a twist of a jar lid away, all winter long. And it was YUMMY.

    I'm not sure about canned bananas; I've never had banana chutney before. You are adventurous!

  2. Nobody EVER packs the jars as full as you see in the pictures: they LIE about how full you can get a jar.

    T. is right: can more than you need. The stuff lasts for 4 years, minimum, and you'll be glad you made the effort, when you run out of something and it's the middle of the wrong growing season.