Monday, 3 August 2009

Gawd, I hate cleaning the fridge.

No, really, I do. I loathe it. Yet somehow today I have managed to cast my negative feelings aside and embrace the basin of water. Well, not really - cleaning a fridge in a wet t-shirt is not my idea of a fun time. Seems I did it just in time - there were things in my fridge that were approaching that time in their life where they could only be identified by a particularly keen archaeologist.

I would provide some kind of evidence except that someone (aka Number Guy) has moved the cable that lets my phone and computer talk to each other. I also wanted to show you the delicious dim sum that my friend J made for the -mah-jong-session-that-never-happened, together with a pic of the glorious matcha cupcakes that I made for same session-that-didn't-happen.

On the migraine front, things are (fingers crossed) looking fairly good. Not as good as that other beta blocker, but a shed load better than this time last week. I was just a little disturbed to wake up this morning to discover that I had in fact signed something that Number Guy gave me last night. I have no knowledge of this at all, yet the signature looks remarkably like mine....oh well.

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  1. Amnesia ... balanced against sleepwalking, I guess it's better. Hope it resolves soon - and that you get your camera cable back!