Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Iced Vanilla Latte

This is my weapon of choice at a well-known coffee chain that I visit most Wednesdays. I decided that I didn't have to be a barista to make my own. Yesterday I cold-brewed some coffee and today mixed some of it up with ice, vanilla syrup and low-fat milk.

How'd it turn out? Delicious.

ETA: cold brewed coffee is as easy as pie. Get a container, add some ground coffee, pour in some cold water and leave in the fridge overnight. Then put it through a coffee filter. This gives you a concentrated coffee that you can dilute to taste. I just added about 1/4 cup of coffee to a jar of water.


  1. Just out of curiosity, how does one cold brew coffee?

  2. Yay! Stop patronizing the idiots who charge a fortune for £0.15 worth of ingredients!