Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This time last week my maximum pulse during my 32 minutes (yes, I count every one!!)on the crosstrainer was 136 BPM. This week that maximum was down to 126BPM, so I'm taking that as a good sign. I am going to stay at 32 minues for a month and then I will increase the intensity and see what happens. I'm sure it won't be pretty....

Tomorrow I have a follow-up with the neurologist. If it had been this time last week I would have been jumping up and down and 100% delighted. However, the last week has been really crap, quite frankly, and I am at a complete loss to explain why. Nothing has changed. So I am not sure what will happen at tomorrow's appointment

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  1. Progress!
    I'm meant to be keeping my bpm between 110 - 150 during my treadmill/cross trainer/weight lifting hour. So far it's a struggle, but it's a gradual process, so I'm told...